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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Honey, the neighbor is mowing his lawn naked again...

Came across this while I was "working" on a report... It some how makes me appreciate my weird neighbor...

08/02 3:19p CDT Ill. Nudist to Be Buried Fully Clothed

PEKIN, Illinois (AP) _ Even in death, Robert Norton's nakednessis a no-no. Norton, 82, spent four decades in and out of courtfighting repeated arrests for gardening and wandering his yard in the nude. He said he wanted to be buried without any clothes, but his family is sending him to eternity wearing gray slacks and a matching shirt. ``He's not going to be buried in the nude,'' said his brother,Jack Norton, a minister. Robert Norton's family said they hope to lay the years ofcontroversy to rest Thursday when the World War II veteran is buried. Norton, who died Monday, had fought 20 indecency arrests since 1962, arguing that he had a constitutional right to public nakedness. Relatives say Norton suffered emotional problems after serving in the Army Air Forces during World War II. Prosecutors counter that he was just stubborn. ``He was a naturist, and he just chose to be in the nude as people who are seeking nature. He was a peace-loving person,'' said his brother, Duane Norton. Brenda Loete, who lived next door to Norton for a dozen yearsbefore he moved into a nursing home, said she never spoke to herexhibitionist neighbor. ``We didn't really know him. We just had him arrested,'' Loete said. ``Normally, if we had him arrested in the spring he'd be gonefor the summer and we wouldn't have to worry about him until the next spring.''


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